Our professors Marjan Petreski and Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski published their paper: "Youth self-employment in households receiving remittances in Macedonia" in the prominent Czech Journal of Economics and Finance. The journal is among the top for publishing on transition economies. The position at IDEAS is 632/1563 = 40th percentile at the global level, while the Web of Science (JCR) impact factor in 2014 has been 0.420.

Our professor Marjan Petreski participated at the 25th Anniversary of the Institute for Labor and Social Protection in Bucharest, Romania, 18-20 November 2015. On this occassion, the Institute held a conference where our professor presented his co-authored paper with prof. Nikica Mojsoska Blazevski: "Can internship program reduce unemployment among youth in a low job creation environment: Evidence from Macedonia".


Our professor Marjan Petreski participated at the conference "Challenges of contemporary society", organized by the Institute for sociological, political and judical research in Skopje, 12 November 2015. Prof. Petreski presented his paper "Employment and wage 'scarring' when youth employment is extremely high: Evidence from Macedonia", coauthored with prof. Mojsoska-Blazevski.

UACS professor Marjan Petreski participated at the International Conference on Eurasian Economies in Kazan, Russia, 9-11 September 2015, with the paper: "Remittances as a shield to socially-vulnerable households in Macedonia: Evidence when the instrument is not strictly exogenous". 

Three UACS professors: Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski, Venera Krliu-Handziski and Marjan Petreski co-authored a paper titled "Does cultural heritage affect job satisfaction? The East-West divide", which was published in the prominent journal Acta Oeconomica, 65(2), p.325-337. The journal has an impact factor of 0.53.


Our professor Marjan Petreski participated at the Research conference organized by the Vienna Institute for International economic studies (wiiw) in Vienna, Austria, presenting his ongoing (coauthored) paper "Tariff-induced deindustrialization in transition economies: A comparative analysis".

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