Social sciences


The search for knowledge is permanent and ongoing process at UACS. Through this process UACS aspires to establish itself as a leading institution in Macedonia and the region for research within the field of social sciences. 

Using rigorous scientific methods the research is aimed at discovery of new facts and theories or revision of old ones through newly established facts or practical application of laws and theories.
This whole process is conducted via four distinct faculties, namely: the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of Economics and Business administration and Faculty of Languages.

Highly skilled researchers are giving their utmost in dedication and skills to achieve the goals they and society has set for them.

Obtaining knowledge is the ultimate goal at University American College Skopje.


UACS Research Seminar Series take place every Monday at 1 pm in Amphiteater 1.
LEMP will host a cocktail to cherish the commencing of its work. At the same time the commencing of ...
Preparing project proposal for international funding Ms. Dona Dimitrova