Researchers' Night

This project aims to enhance public recognition of researchers and scientists, celebrate the fruits of their work, stimulate interest in research among wide non-academic audience including youth, and encourage consideration of research and basic science as a profession. The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To depict researchers as ordinary people who perform extraordinary jobs that fuel our society ahead;
  • To bring the profile of the researcher and the scientist in the Macedonian society closer tothe “ordinary” Macedonian people, through general awareness campaign and by involvement of important R&D stakeholders in the Researchers’ Night activities;
  • To present the wider public the role of science and research for the societal and economic development of the country;
  • To explain science concepts to children and youth in activities which will provide fun, competition, creativity and education;
  • To enhance youth’s understanding of science and research and prop up thinking of how they can contribute to the societal development in future, through a series of scientific activities, including showcases of scientists and their work and how these have impacted the societal development.
All details about the project can be obtained from its separate web site:

UACS Research Seminar Series take place every Monday at 1 pm in Amphiteater 1.
LEMP will host a cocktail to cherish the commencing of its work. At the same time the commencing of ...
Preparing project proposal for international funding Ms. Dona Dimitrova