Description of the project
STAGE I - Practical modelling in GAMS

The objective of the project is to equip economists with quantitative background with skills for mastering the software GAMS. The necessity for mastering GAMS arose from the need to develop a macroeconomic model for Macedonia, which will be used for macroeconomic analysis and policymaking. The training introduced all the basic tools for constructing and implementing large-scale applied general equilibrium models for policy analysis.
The workshop was organized as a four-day event hosted by the University American College Skopje.
The workshop was designed and mastered by ECOMOD. The methodology of delivering the lectures has been as interactive as possible by a maximal involvement of the participants in performing applied exercises in GAMS. The ECOMOD expert presented the stuff in an applied manner, i.e. guided participants from identifying the need for modeling, through SAM, the modeling, calibrating and solving the model, to delivering policy recommendations.
By so doing, the lack of specific knowledge and skills for macro-modelling in Macedonia was addressed. The group of 14 participants has been well trained in conducting high-quality models that will serve analytic and policymaking purposes. The group included participants from the following institutions:
·         University American College - Skopje
·         National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
·         Ministry of Finance
·         Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
·         State Statistical Office
·         Ministry of Economy
·         World Bank Representative office in Skopje
The project built the platform for larger-scale project of designing a CGE model for the Macedonian economy.


STAGE II - CGE Model for green growth in Macedonia
As the ultimate objective of the integrative project (the part taking place at UACS and the work of the international consultant) is to develop a CGE model for Macedonia, a considerable gap in the economic science and policymaking in Macedonia will be closed.
University American College Skopje (UACS) will contribute to the building of the model by coordinating the work of a group of local macro modelers, comprised of people from the most relevant institutions in Macedonia (MoF, SSO, NBRM, MoE, MANU, WB, Universities), together with ECOMOD. Thus  a dynamic Computable General Equilibrium model will be developed for Macedonia, which will both, contribute to the overall knowledge base for General Equilibrium Models for Macedonia and will assist policy makers in relevant institutions in their decision making process.

Link to the integrative project for Macedonian Green Growth.

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