Description of the program

Program description. The MSc in Applied Economics offers rigorous training in economics, along a unique combination with research methods and econometrics. It aims to endow students with a deep understanding of how the macro-economy works and to enrich them with powerful set of techniques for research and analysis. However, policymakers are often focused to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty that have a direct impact on a country’s overall performance. Hence, knowing the aggregate economic conditions is not sufficient and one must know the sources of risk and uncertainty, and the analytical tools to study those. Hence, the course will provide the relevant knowledge of the central issues in macroeconomics, but will enable student to choose their narrow focus – to study bank risks and stress testing, to study the stock exchange and other financial institutions, or to further explore quantitative techniques for analysis.

Where can you pursue a professional career after the course? The course offers strong theoretical and empirical foundations to pursue research and professional career in central banks, international financial institutions, international banks, economic ministries, banks, pension funds, brokerage firms and stock exchanges, research centers and so on.

Degree. The program leads to a Master of Science in Applied Economics.

Program structure. Two-year, English taught program. One part of the program provides theoretical background where mainstream theories in the respective domain are presented. Another part is empirical and/or aimed at policymaking, whereby empirical applications are presented, replicated and discussed. These can be prominent research articles, models or case studies. The third part focuses on analytical tools and heavily relies on software applications, like Excel, SPSS, E-views and Stata.

Assessment. Each module comprises of 50% application/coursework and 50% formal examination. Some of the applicative courses will be based on 100% coursework.

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