Guidelines for submission

The guidelines for submition of papers for the UACS Working Paper Series are the following:

1. The papers should be sent to the President of the editorial board of UACS Working Paper Series, Dr. Marjana Vaneva in electronic version, in English, and contain an abstract and the main part.

2. The papers are to be written in Times New Roman, size 12, spacing 1.5, margins of 2.5 cm and contain up to 30 pages (including attachments, and literature).

3. The first next session of the Research Committee, the editorial board committee determines
  two teachers / staff who will conduct a blind review of the paper within 20 calendar days of the session of the Research Committee.

4. The author must then act upon the comments and re-submit the text to the President of the editorial board.

Preliminary approval to accept the text in UACS Working Paper Series is given by the commission (comprised by the two teachers / staff).  The final approval is given by the Editorial board of the UACS Working Paper Series, after which the paper will bepublished on the website under logo UACS Working Paper Series.

The decision for establishing the UACS Working Paper Series and the guidelines for submition can be found in pdf for at the following link.

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