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Career Center for Employers
The office of the Career Center at UACS connects you with our students, alumni, our staff and friends.
If you are looking for jobs or internships, if you want to teach and enhance other peoples lives, if you want to boost your employees skills and knowledge, if you want your company to become socially responsible, or if you want to increase the public awareness of your organization, we can help.
Attend a Career Fair
What is Career Fair?
Usually one day of events set up to connect a large numbers of employers with potential employees,
Events typically sponsored by universities, professional associations, local employment agencies, or by a career fair promoter,
Career fairs are usually free to those seeking employment.
Career fair Goals and Objectives
UACS goals:
To contribute to the preparation of dynamic, industry ready graduates,
To contribute to the growth and development of the local labor market,
To bring together Academia and Business Community,
To inspire students to launch career paths.
Company Goals:
To contribute to the growth and development of future job seekers (labor market),
To meet and get to know the views of students and their expectations,
Potentials for recruiting students for jobs and internships,
Company PR.  
Student goals:
Educational: Gain knowledge and experience from professionals about the current labor market situation in Macedonia.  
What are the expectations of the companies in the process of recruitment?
Networking:  One of the key benefits of attending a career fair is meeting new people -- recruiters, other job-seekers, career professionals -- to add to your network of contacts. 
Gain Experience: To provide information regarding careers outside of academia via presentations and unparalleled exposure to the individuals and organizations.
Interview on Campus
University American College Skopje is giving you the opportunity to schedule an entry level interview with our students for jobs and internships.
UACS serves as a bridge between the business community and our students. Use our recourses and schedule custom-made interviews with students you really need. To participate and schedule an interview on campus, please send us the following information;
Employer name
Position title
Position type
Time frame (from/to)
Qualifications needed
Number of students needed
In order to sign up and schedule interview, contact our Career Development Manager, Edi Smokvarski 
Guest Lecturers
University American College Skopje believes in collaboration with the business community, offering students to learn from professionals and bringing them closer to real life situations. 
For this reason we encourage all business community professionals willing to teach students to send us a CV, subject interested in (from the UACS academic programs), topic they wish to present, date and time. 
Clinical Program 
According to the Higher Education Law in Republic of Macedonia, 10% of the subjects in the academic programs need to be lectured by professionals from the business community (clinical education).
The terms and procedures for professionals to teach at the University level are as following:
To have completed higher education
At least 10 year experience in the field 
To be an expert in the field and to have achieved practical application in the academic field.
If you are interested in teaching please send your CV and Cover Letter to our Deans:
Dr. Nikica Mojsoska Blazevski, School of Business Economics and Management 
Dr. Ivan Dodovski, School of Political Science
Dr. Jadranka Mrsik, School of Law
Dr. Gjorgji Jovancevski, School of Computer Science and Information Technology 
Dr. Marjana Vaneva, School of Foreign Languages 
Dr. Viktorija Eremeeva, School of Architecture and Design
Jobs at UACS

If you are interested in becoming:
- Faculty Member
- Assistant Lecturer
- Guest Lecturer
- Professor of Management Practice
- Looking for an Administrative Position
Please send your CV to 
Increase your visibility
Even if you’re not currently hiring, there are many ways to build your organization’s brand at University American College Skopje and remain at the top of the list for students who are looking for a carrer opportunity.
Extern Program
Open your doors and let students discover your business environment firsthand. Over a period of one to five days, students explore the skills, environment, life style and discuss educational requirements that accompany all aspect of your work.
Informational presentations/interviews 
University American College Skopje would like to invite your organization to host a company presentation for our students. Talking with students in person, you will be able to answer questions, share insights and provide valuable career information. 
Alumni profiles
As a successful graduate of the University American College Skopje you are in an excellent position to help answer one of the most popular questions our students ask – “What can I do with my degree?” We invite you to submit your story to inspire and motivate current students.
Guest speaker
Be a guest speaker on one of our career panels. It’s a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your organization and provide students with valuable career information.
Our students
Excellence, innovation, energy and know-how define the University American College Skopje students. Motivated to succeed, our graduates are accomplished learners, eager to make a difference. Armed with knowledge based on the latest training within superior facilities, these future leaders possess strong technical and communication skills, and the initiative to effectively contribute fresh ideas and insights to any organization. 
Register with us 
Register with the Career Center online and be open to a world of possibilities. Benefits of registration include:
 - Post your positions online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – it’s quick, easy and absolutely free 
 - Preview, update and delete your job postings at any time 
 - Identify disciplines and skills key to your business 
 - Receive early notice of Career Center events 
 - Request meeting rooms for information sessions and interviews 
 - Register for career and job fairs
 - Get the right talent – right now
 - The Career Center can help you find the right candidates.
 - You’ll reach more qualified candidates in less time.
Click here to view the Human Resources Policy of the Faculty and Staff at the University American College Skopje.


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