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Jobs Searching Strategies, Career Fair Info, Career Counseling
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On-campus Internship

Academic Departments

Think about the school/teacher for which you would like to work. Visit those schools/teachers and talk to them to see if they have any internship available. 

Administration Departments

Think about departments for which you would like to work. Visit those departments and talk to someone to see if they have any internship available.

On–campus Jobs

UACS offers student part-time employment opportunities based on the needs of the University. Look on our website, University bulletin boards or contact our HR officer Ana Krleska to see if there is an open job position.

Career Fair

What is the Career Fair?
Usually one day of events set up to connect large numbers of employers with potential employees
Events typically sponsored by universities, professional associations, local employment agencies,  or by a career fair promoter
Career fairs are usually free to those seeking employment
Career Fair Goals and Objectives
UACS goals:
To contribute to the preparation of dynamic, industry ready graduates,
To contribute to the growth and development of the local labor market,
To bring together Academia and Business Community,
To inspire students to launch career paths.
Company Goals:
To contribute to the growth and development of future job seekers (labor market),
To meet and get to know the views of students and their expectations,
Potentials for recruiting students for jobs and internships,
Company PR.  
Student goals:
Educational: Gain knowledge and experience from professionals about the current labor market situation in Macedonia.  
What are the expectations of the companies in the process of recruitment?
Networking:  One of the key benefits of attending a career fair is meeting new people -- recruiters, other job-seekers, career professionals -- to add to your network of contacts. 
Gain Experience: To provide information regarding careers outside of academia via presentations and unparalleled exposure to the individuals and organizations.
Prepare for Career Fair
Contact the organization and review the website sponsoring the event and find out some of the following details:
Is there an admission fee?
How many organizations will be represented?
Is there a published list available ahead of time or on the day of the event?
How will the employers be organized? Alphabetically, by industry, etc.?
What is the starting and ending time of the event?
What is the appropriate dress?
Are there any special procedures to follow in order to participate? (i.e. submit CV ahead of time)
Put together your portfolio 
If you have various interests, it may be ideal to have different versions of your CV.
If you have various interests, it may be ideal to have different Cover Letters.
Be realistic and truthful in your portfolio and remember that it is extremely important to have a well-polished CV that shows off your education, skills, and experiences.
Have your CV checked by a professional before you visit a Career Fair.
Create a one minute presentation on yourself, known as an elevator pitch.
Have a plan
It is very easy to feel intimidated at such an event. Wandering around aimlessly will only enhance this feeling.
Arrive as early as possible!
Have a list that will help you have some ideas as to which organizations you want to approach.  An example of a plan may be to seek out employers based on geography, industry, or by the majors requested. 
Be open-minded and flexible; you might be surprised at what you find.
Talk to other candidates at the career fair as they can give you helpful information. Ask them what companies they have spoken to.
Do not solely concentrate on “big names” or large companies.
Research what questions recruiters often ask.
Prepare your questions
Your questions will depend on your goals for the fair (career exploration vs. job search). Suggested questions include:
What qualities and background are you looking for in employees?
I am currently a student so I have some time to plan ahead. What courses would you recommend someone take before being hired as a(n) _____________?
What is the application process for your organization?
Do you have a business card I can have for future reference and contact?

Effective Job Search
A well written CV and cover letter, strong interviewing skills, communications skills and familiarity with business ethics are necessary to convince employers that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully do the job. Mastering the art of approaching employers will help you make sure that employers will review your CV and invite you to an interview. (Job searching strategy presentation link here.
Finding Job Ads
Internet (job sites), career fairs, career centers, job searching agencies, newspaper ads, employee referrals, and networking are some of the ways to find employment. Your job is to do the research, prepare your portfolio and find the most effective way to contact employees. 
Job Searching Strategy Steps:
1. Develop list of possible contacts
Think about the fields you want to work in, explore and make list of people you can ask for advice relevant to your interests.
Attend career events
Networking events 
2. Ask for informational meeting 
Phone call
Sending e-mail (Sample Approach Letter)
3. Prepare yourself
Research yourself! Before you go job searching you need to know:
What are your skills?
What are your interests?
What are your values?
What is your dream? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
4. Conduct an effective meeting with employers
Learn about the career path you are considering
Learn about the company and its competition
Learn about the job position you are applying for
Dress yourself in a proper way
Present yourself, why you are here, what is your background, how can you improve the organization, why they should take you for the job
5. Follow up (Thank You Letter)

UACS offers a variety of career services as well as individual career counseling to undergraduate, graduate candidates, and alumni.
Career development is an on-going process of learning, following flexible steps related to self-discovery, research on work possibilities, decision-making actions and setting goals.  It sometimes involves interventions like the ones mentioned earlier. As a rule, the stages of such a process involve:

Gathering information about yourself (roles, interests, values, skills, aptitudes, personal style, preferred environments, and developmental needs).
Gathering information (mass media, networking, and informational interviews) on work possibilities in existing occupations, industries, and the labor market.
Making decisions (identifying and assessing the possibilities, exploring alternatives, choosing short, medium, or long-term options).
Setting goals (projecting and developing necessary steps) and implementing action plans.

What is Career Counseling

A self-exploration process related to the individual career related fields, such as: values, interests and skills leading to choosing specific career paths. This process needs to be guided by a professional certified Career Counselor/Facilitator, trained to conduct structured one-on-one sessions, asking the relevant questions and applying a vast set of assessment tools. As a result from this process, the individual can develop academic and career plans, or prepare for specific steps (i.e. job searching, deciding on the education opportunities, etc) as a ground for a successful and fulfilling career. 

Possible results are:

Self-knowledge for identifying specific abilities and growth opportunities. 
Information and selection/orientation toward a new occupation or career.
Improvement in one’s confidence in a career decision previously expressed.
Strategies for work adjustment /adaptation to a new workplace.
Stress reducing strategies for the workplace.
Strategies for increasing the level of work satisfaction.
Strategies for coordinating personal roles with professional ones.
Achieving a personal and professional balance.

In house career counselor

UACS through its Career Center offers FREE individual career counseling to its students!

What to expect from a Career Counseling Session

The career counseling sessions can be arranged on an individual level. 

Individual sessions (one-to-one appointment with a Certified Career Councilor/Facilitator) can derive as a follow-up of a group session or as a standalone activity. The duration of one session is usually up to 60 minutes and they can be scheduled as a series, depending on the questions addressed. Throughout the session, the Career Councilor guides the Client with questions and tools to the specific conclusion the client comes up with as the most relevant and applicable.


Certified Career Counselor, Edi Smokvarski 
Mobile: 078 455 – 120 

Other Career counseling options
What to expect from a Career Counseling Session

The career counseling sessions can be arranged on a group or/ and individual level. 

Group sessions (usually groups up to 10 people) treat specific career aspects (such as self assessment tools and techniques, skills and interests exploration inventories, preparation for internship applications, etc.) These sessions are set as interactive training and facilitating workshops in which specific career related documents are developed and discussed.

Individual sessions (one-to-one appointment with a Certified Career Councilor/Facilitator) can derive as a follow-up of a group session or as a standalone activity. The duration of one session is usually up to 60 minutes and they can be scheduled as a series, depending of the questions addressed. Throughout the session, the Career Councilor guides the Client with questions and tools to the specific conclusion the client comes up with as the most relevant and applicable.

Indicative Career Counseling Fees

Individual sessions can be scheduled for indicative minimal fees ranging 10-20 EUR/session (lower fees are usually charged to students and unemployed). Discounts can be arranged on a longer term/project cooperation.

How to contact a Career Councilor

Since 2010, there are certified Career Counselors in Macedonia, under the Global Career Development Program (GCDF).

They are trained and skilled to provide professional support to the interested individuals and organizations. These professionals can be contacted through the following organizations coordinating their activities: Moja Kariera and Association of Career Development Facilitators - ASK. Individual and group sessions can be arranged upon request.

The Association of Career Counselors in Macedonia 

Who we are

The Association of Career Counselors of Macedonia (ASK) is an association of individuals with a passion and skills to assist individuals and groups in developing their careers in order to achieve full and rewarding lives.


Where do we come from?

ASK was registered in 2010 but the idea of gathering the skills, energies and enthusiasm of individuals working in career counseling started much earlier when a group of us in 2009 went through a process of certification of Global Career Development Facilitators (GCDF).

The GCDF credential was created to promote quality career guidance services in 1994 by NBCC. There are over 40,000 professionals certified in: Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Greece, US, Canada, New Zealand, China, Korea and Japan.

Core GCDF competencies:

Career Development Models, Helping Skills, Assessment, Counseling Diverse Populations, Program Management / Implementation, Training Clients and Peers, Promotion and Public Relations, Employability Skills, Labor Market Information and Resources and Ethical and Legal Issues.


- We have a sincere believe that Career counseling can greatly contribute to richer and more fulfilled lives, more successful organizations and better economies.
-Career counseling has still not received proper attention or institutional support in Macedonia, so the potential groups can not yet receive the true benefits
-Parents are the first to give advice on career guidance to their children; with a lack of adequate preparation or knowledge this advice lacks adequate guidance

-Building one’s own career is a process that lasts a lifetime, so career counseling is needed through all career steps.
- The benefits of this process are wide and support the economic growth of the country ASK is devoted to continuous promotion of the Career Counselor profession. 
ASK also actively supports its members in the process of counseling, works on adaptation of assessment tests and tools and coordinates exchange of experience groups.

What we do

- Professional group and individual Career Counseling;
-Cooperation with organizations, institutions and career centers, educational institutions, universities, companies;
-Organizing round table discussions with the government representatives with the purpose of introducing career counseling in the long term strategies of the Ministry of Education;
-Projects, debates, public awareness events;
-Membership in related organizations and associations;
-Presentations for companies and clients for the goals and benefits of career counseling.
Our aims

Assist school children in planning their career paths - Improve employability skills of
Young people- Support unemployed and vulnerable groups to find job opportunities- Enhance employees’ career development



Doctor Honoris Causa



University American College Skopje
Blvd. Treta makedonska brigada no.60
Skopje 1000, Macedonia

Phone/Fax: +389 2 246 3156