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Why Networking?
It is not only important HOW much you know but also WHO you know!

Networking is developing and maintaining of contacts and personal connections that might be important and helpful to your social and professional life. 

Why Networking?

Meeting people - The whole point of networking is to meet people, in order to expand your imprint to as many people as possible.
Contacts – Another benefit from networking is building contacts (phone numbers, e-mail, addresses) BUT develop lasting relationships not just contacts!!! 
Work or Employment - Networking is a great way to get jobs, clients, or projects.
Promote yourself - Another benefit of networking is the ability to promote yourself and get your name out there, which can help you get better known in the field. 
Maintain relationship with your current customers and meet new prospects
Word of mouth publicity 
Make notification for important changes – for example you have changed you job position or there is important news you want to share
Ask questions – get another perspective, new ideas, new insights…

How do I start networking?

The office of Career Center can help you network trough; matching students to alumni, business council or other stakeholders,
Attend a Career Fair,
Attend networking opportunities in the city,  
Have and give business cards,
Open LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts,
Go OUT; participate in social events, humanitarian actions, concerts….
Be helpful; always look for ways to help the people in your network,
Be Thankful – send a thank you note (Thank You Letter)

What NOT to do while networking?

Brag or exaggerate the truth
Spend too much time on unfocused conversation, appreciate other people time
Gossip or share unprofessional and inappropriate materials 
Ask personal questions, questions about money, salary
Ask someone to give you a job, ask for advice and information
Forget to say Thank You! 


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