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Why You Should Study Abroad with Erasmus

5 Top Reasons
Why You Should Study Abroad with Erasmus

1. Because who doesn't want to travel?!

If you ask people what they enjoy doing in their spare time, I guarantee that the most common answer will be travelling. And you cant blame them, as its probably a part of the answer you would have given yourself as well. And after all, who doesn't enjoy seeing new places, discovering new cultures and making new friends all around the world? The only problem is that if you wait for too long to do all of these, well, that's when it gets more complicated. Because life isn't too patient and in a few years you might find yourself stuck into a routine or another: not being able to leave because of work, not having enough money to do it, being held back by a family and so on.

2. Plenty of options!

Then why wait? Most of the universities have partnerships with other institutions from all around Europe and while your destination depends on the course you're participating in, you will most probably have more than one option. A great thing to remember is the fact that most of the times it doesnt even matter how many or which languages you speak, as most of the courses will be taught in English and many universities will also offer language courses.

3. Studying abroad is a lifetime opportunity!

There is an incredibly big list of reasons why you shouldn't have second thoughts about taking the plunge and go study abroad. First of all, it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as this is one of the few moments in life when you're being offered the freedom to travel without being questioned and doubted about your reasons to do so and also be offered financial support. You might not realise it yet, but being a student has lots of advantages, one of them being able to move from a country to another without having to prove your intentions and without anyone taking a second look at your nationality. Because yes, in a few years, that will be the first thing you will be asked about.

4. Gather international and cultural experience

From an academic point of view, these types of programmes offer you an additional educational and cultural experience you wouldn't otherwise be able to gain. And, even if you might have heard this too many times, it does enhance your CV and it does look great in it, as a lot of employers will choose graduates who have some kind of international experience. And students who undertake such programmes will most definitely have wider employment opportunities after graduating from their course.

5. Re-discover yourself!

You will also be part of a new society in which you'll be spending a couple of months discovering new habits, learning new things and re-educating yourself, as the person you'll become will be more open towards new, more tolerable and in general more appreciating about life. Because Erasmus is much more than just studying abroad and discovering new people; it's about rediscovering a better version of yourself.


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