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An Internship is a practice of pre-professional working experience for students or post graduates in order to apply their knowledge, improve their skills and gain professional experience in their field of study. 

According to the Higher Education Law in Republic of Macedonia (“The Public Enterprise Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia “No. 35/08, 103/08 and 26/09) all students starting their higher education from fall 2010 onwards will have to complete at least 30 days of an internship in every academic year. 

Internship Value

For Students, internship helps them in career decision making. Furthermore, students are exposed to the latest industry trends and technologies instilling workplace values. Also, students can identify the skills in order to enter in a given field that will increase their competitive advantage in finding job compare to other candidates. Furthermore, internship adds academic value to students; they earn academic credits for internship in Macedonia. Students who attend internship program earn valuable practical experience by working in professional environment and increase their networking having chance to interact with industry professionals. 

Benefits for students attending internship!

Internship increase professional commitment to students and gain practical real-life experience.

Internship builds up students CV and gives them better opportunity for finding job.

Company’s employee from their interns.

Internship provides students to test their chosen concentration in practice. This means that students can see whether they like that professional engagement or if they dislike, gives them plenty of time to choose more appropriate career path for their future. 

Internship Guideline 

Define your goals and get familiar with your choices

Explore and identify possible internship positions

Maintain communication with the Career Center regarding your internship.

Attend the trainings, events and Career Fairs organized by the Career Center regarding internships.

Explore and research your perspective internship places by going online as well as discussing these topics with the Career Center.

Prepare to apply for internships

Attend the CV & Cover letter and Job searching strategies trainings organized by the Career Center in order to gain more knowledge on how to prepare for applying for internships.

Prepare a CV and cover letter that will be updated and factual and will be ready whenever you have the need. 

Contacting internship positions

After you have identified your potential internship positions you will try and contact them either personally or through the Career Center, you will send your CV and a brief description of what motivated and persuaded you to seek out that particular position.

Doing the Internship

After you have applied and been contacted from the position you are seeking you will be provided with internship documents from the Career Center at UACS (Internship Documents).

The documents will serve you and the company in recording your internship. These documents are of paramount importance for the student and they are stored along with the other crucial student documents in the personal folder.

It is imperative that all interns conduct themselves with the utmost respect and professionalism towards their internship position through their attire, performance and conduct since these internships may very well be a stepping stone towards future working positions and career.

Concluding the internship

After the internship has been concluded, all the documents including the evaluation forms for the student and company should be filled in and returned to the Career Center.

Receiving Academic Credits

Upon completion of an internship and brought to the Career Center complete documents signed by all parties, students will receive ECTS credits in accordance with the academic program.

Click here to view an online application form of the UACS Internship Document.*

*You still need to bring this form to the Career Center at UACS for final approval.

List of Companies our students have completed their internships:

Ad Elem
Advokat Nikola Paunoski
Advokat Popovski
Arikom Dooel
Bilj. Revizija 
Centar za stranski jazici
Dekot kamen
Diro DOO 
Dom Italija 
Ds- dam sinovi
Geoas Group
Gido Doo Veles
Hotel Imperial
IK Banka
Infinite solutions
Izvrsitel Zoran Dimov
JSP Skopje 
Kongresen servisen centar
Lexika Bitola
Makedonski Telekom
Nova Makedonija
Ohrid Institut
Ohridska Banka
Osiguritelna Polisa 
OU Naim Frashari
Primeko Revizija 
Prvo penzisko drustvo
Specijalna Oprema
Stopanska Banka 
T- Mobile
Target comm
TTK Banka 
Tutunska Banka
Uni Banka 
Vmro- NP
Yellow pages

Breakdown of Internships


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