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Study Abroad
The University international programs are designed to promote international exposure and award academic credit to courses within the university curriculum/program.  For those students that decide to travel outside of Macedonia for one or more semesters, they can choose their unique study abroad program and experience the world of professionals without borders.

Undergraduate and Graduate programs, offered by our international partners, give you exclusive opportunities to experience the exchange in the EU and the USA. Through such academic exchanges, students experience their educational models. Through limited exchange, or program completion, students can experience the academic life at both universities. 

Student Exchange Programs

Tuition Based Exchange 

Students, who want to study abroad through the tuition based exchange with universities, colleges or institutions, are encouraged to apply through the International Program Office. All applicants must be approved by the host university in order to proceed with the application process.  Participating students will be required to pay their tuition at the host University the full amount for the semester or academic year. Additionally, students are also responsible for the payment other university fees associated with other program.

Tuition Discount Exchange

UACS students that participate in the tuition based exchange will benefit the tuition reduction through [participating universities. Currently VIU in Virginia, USA offers 20% discount on their annual tuition. University John Cabot in Rome, Italy offers 10% discount on groups of 6 or more students.

Non-University funded Exchange Programs

Students applying for grants and scholarships by other countries and institutions are encouraged to apply with the assistance of the international programs officer including relevant officers from the scholarship committees. Assistance is limited to dates of application and contact person of the scholarships.

Summer Exchange 

UACS and its participating schools offer a variety of courses during a single summer sessions. These courses, while typically offered in an accelerated format, incorporate pedagogy appropriate for full-time undergraduate students. All course units and grades earned through summer study at UACS are attributed to the total program of the student and influence the cumulative grade point average and academic standing of the student accordingly.  Summer course load is 2 courses. 

Erasmus + Program – European Direct exchange

UACS holds an Erasmus charter and students can apply for the Erasmus + program, which is supported by the European Commission in Brussels. 

The student exchange takes place during second or third year of studies and can last 3 to12 months at a European university or higher education institution. Students must be able to prove good academic standards through their academic transcripts in order to be eligible for placement. Once completed placement, the study abroad period will be counted towards your UACS University degree and you will get full academic recognition.

List of Partner Universities

International University of Monaco, Monaco (
Virginia International University, Fairfax USA (
John Cabot University, Rome (
Vesalius College Brussels (
GEA College – Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Slovenia (
Horizons University, Paris (
VSEM College of Economics and Management, Prague (
CMH Academy and IEMI- European Institute of International Management, Paris ( and
Dauphine University, Paris (
East Carolina University, USA  (
Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG), Paris (
ESIC Business and Marketing School, Valencia (
Swiss Management Center, Zurich, Vienna (
Gazi University, Turkey (
University of Applied Sciences Worms, Germany (
Vienna University of Technology (
Williams Business College, Sydney, Australia (

How to Apply for Study Abroad Programs

University American College Skopje students who want to study abroad, must apply through the Office of International Programs. They are authorized to handle all such applications from UACS students. The process of communication and application begins at the host university. 

Guidelines for completion of the application process:

1) Fill out the study abroad application form, 

2) Schedule an appointment at the International Program Office to review your proposed study abroad program and go over the application procedures, 

3) Contact the UACS Intl Program Officer  e-mail:,

4) Schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor to review your progress towards your degree and your proposed study abroad program,

5) Fill out the Host university study abroad application with advisor, 

6) Arrange to have an official transcript of your program course work sent to the Office of International Programs, 

7) Obtain two letters of recommendation.

8) Upon acceptance you will be asked to fill out and sign three additional forms: 

     a) Acknowledgement of Risks and Responsibilities form (.doc)

     b) A Financial Agreement Specific to the program for which you are applying if you are applying for a UACS short term program.

      c) Signature form (.doc) 

              1. Academic advisor, 

              2. Financial standing (for outstanding payments to UACS)
Application Deadlines

Completed study abroad applications must be turned in to the Office of International Programs according to the Semester/Academic year. 

Most universities have on their websites dates when students should submit their applications and the deadlines for the application. Universities in the USA generally ask students to complete their application 3-6 months in advance. Universities in the EU are similar with their application process and require 2-3 months in advance of the commencement of the semester. 

Study Abroad Application guidelines at most host universities in the USA and EU: 

o For the fall semester no later than June of the current year.
o For the spring semester no later than October of the current year,
o For the summer semester no later than March of the current year.

Visa Requirements

Prior to the arrival to the host university, UACS study abroad applicant shall be responsible for obtaining a visa and related travel documents necessary to pursue studies in a particular country, such as satisfying host country student visa requirements and other formalities for study abroad students.  Both participating universities will provide all necessary student documentation for visa application if needed. However, neither UACS, nor the host University will be deemed responsible if the visa application is denied. In the event that UACS students are denied an entry to a host university, they will be required to return to their university of origin for program completion. 

Study Abroad Approval Form

Student that complete the eligibility form and have been approved by the study abroad coordinator for the study abroad program may continue with the application process.

Documents needed for the study abroad approval will be available to all in the office for international programs. You may download all necessary documents from the website designated for this program at

Please consult with your international program coordinator, Ms. Viktoria Gombar for further details.  

Our Students who went to Study Abroad

Student: Marija Smilevska - Virginia International University ( 
Country: USA



Doctor Honoris Causa



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