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Credit Transfer System
UACS employs the ECTS system with all prescribed requirements in all levels and programs. Credit currency is based on Notional Learning Time (NLT). Most of the courses hold a 6-credit or 8-credit value. Courses designated with 6 ECTS include at least 40 hours of lectures by a professor, 6-10 hours of time devoted to formal direct assessment, 6-10 hours of practical training, 40 hours for project and research, 40 hours for independent study and minimum 10 hours of internship. Typical course of 6 ECTS provides at least 150 hours of NLT. Taken in its entirety, an 8 ECTS course provides students with 200 hours of NLT. By general rule, 1 ECTS involves 25-30 hours of NLT. International or mobility students at UACS will encounter the same methodology of assessment, grading and NLT as they would in any school participating in the Bologna process.  


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