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Recognition Procedure
UACS keeps records of achievements for each student. Mobility agreements determine the compatibility of programmes, and the courses that a mobility student can take and have them recognised. Inbound students receive an official transcript of achievements issued by the Registrar Office. Outbound students present their transcripts of achievements to UACS Student Records Office. The dean and the chief academic coordinator evaluate the official transcripts and prepare an official document for recognition of credits earned by the student during the mobility action. Recognition forms are then submitted to the Student Records Office and placed in the student's file.
Diploma Supplement

Each mobility student will receive a diploma supplement to accompany every degree successfully completed by a student, using the template as prescribed by the Macedonian Law which is in line with the template developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO / CEPES. This Supplement will include a record of the period of mobility under the Programme.


Doctor Honoris Causa



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