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People are our greatest value. The quality of University American College Skopje is created by our people (faculty and administration) - for our people (students).
In our Administration we have employed a young and professional staff, whose purpose is to provide a perfect functioning of our university and to offer any assistance to our students, professors and other relevant parties.


Iva Minoska

Records Office Supervisor

UACS is proud to say that Iva was our undergraduate student. She works with UACS students for 8 years and coordinates all activities of the Records Office. Iva is available to answer all questions related to the study programs, credits, class schedule, as well as remarks on the study process.

Send an e-mail

+389 78 455 105

+389 2 2463 156 (ext. 132)

Sandra Klimoska

Undergraduate Student Coordinator

You want to study business economics and management or architecture and design at UACS? Our Undergraduate officer is here to answer all your questions about programs, ECTS, transfers from other universities etc. Contact Sandra via e-mail or in the Record’s Office every working day from 09:00-17:00

Send an e-mail

+389 78 455 103

+389 2 2463 156 (ext.120)

Elena Popovska

Part-time Student Coordinator

If you are employed and you want to continue your education, contact Elena – our part-time studies officer. She assists part-time students in the enrollment process as well for exam schedule, professor’s office hours etc. In addition, Elena is in charge of the undergraduate programs at the:


·          School of Computer Science and Information Technology

·          School of Political Science

·        School of Foreign Languages and

·        School of Law.

Send an e-mail

+389 78 455 247

+389 2 2463 156 (ext.121)


Viktorija Gombar Janevska

International Student Coordinator

Contact Viktorija for any queries related to UACS’ international cooperation, study abroad opportunities and the Erasmus+ program. At the International Office you will get information on foreign universities where you can earn credits or obtain a joint degree. In addition, Viktorija will provide you with information about validation of your degree in Macedonia, student visa and residency, accommodation etc.

Send an e-mail

+389 70 454 666

+389 2 2463 156 (ext. 103)

Sonja Filipovska

Graduate Student Coordinator

Sonja Filipovska is UACS’ graduate officer, working daily with the students enrolled in our masters programs at all schools. You can contact her for class schedule, grades or related matters.

In addition, Sonja provides documentation related to your undergraduate and graduate studies - namely diplomas and official transcripts.

Send an e-mail

+389 78 455 179

+389 2 2463 156 (ext.234)


Adrijana Jaki

First Impression Officer

Adrijana Jaki can assist current undergraduate students for all documentation needed – transcripts, letters of confirmation, information on grades… She is here for all questions and queries. You can contact her at the Front Desk on the third floor.

Send an e-mail

+389 78 455 112

+389 2 2463 156 (ext.0)

Suzana Sokolenko

First Impression Officer / Archivist

Suzana can help you submit official documentation to any member of the UACS family. She is responsible for archiving all important documentation as well as giving reliable information to all who contact UACS via phone.

Send an e-mail

+389 78 455 197

+389 2 2463 156 (ext.117)

Marjan Bojadjiev, Rector

Venera Krliu-Handjiski, Chief Operations Officer

Jasminka Janakieva, Secretary General

Aleksandra Karadja, Assistant to the Rector 

Ema Kastratovikj, Assistant to the Rector

Ana Krleska, Human Resources Officer

Viktorija Gombar Janevska, Grievance and Probation Officer / International Admissions Officer

Front Desk 

Suzana Sokolenko, Archive / Front Desk Officer

Adrijana Jaki, Front Desk Officer –


Networking Department

Rahela Evtimova Cvetanovski, Chief Networking Officer

Edi Smokvarski, Career Officer

Laura Krliu, Public Relations Officer

IT Department

Goran Veleski, IT Officer

Martin Dimevski, IT Officer ;


Finance Department

Liljana Bunjevac, Chief Financial Officer

Valentina Stojanova, Finance Officer

Gordana Crcevska, Finance Officer

UACS Organizational Chart:

UACS Organizational Chart


Doctor Honoris Causa



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