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Rector of University American College Skopje


Prof. Marjan I. Bojadjiev is the Rector of University American College Skopje since 2010. Prior to becoming the Rector, prof. Bojadjiev was the Provost of UACS (2006-2010) and the Dean of the School of Business Administration (2005-2006). He was also the Vice-President for Strategic Development at Protekt M Manufacturing Industry Co. Ltd. until 2005.

His first engagement as a lecturer was in the period 2002-2004 when he taught Strategic Management and Marketing lectures at the New York College in Skopje. 

During his rich career as an industry professional he was the CEO in various financial institutions in the period 1993-2004.

At one short period he was also the Managing Director in InterGate Computers during 1996.


PhD – Institute of Economics, Republic of Macedonia
Dissertation topic: ”Marketing – Management in the Banking and Insurance Sectors”

MSc - School of Economics (Ss. Cyril & Methodius University)
Dissertation topic: “Marketing in the Banking Sector”

Specialization in International Business Management, University of Trieste and New York City University

BSc - School of Economics (Ss. Cyril & Methodius University)

Certified Management Consultant, CMC Macedonia


  • Organizational Behavior
  • Management
  • Brand Management
  • Sales Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Advertising and Promotion


The abstracts and the full PDF files of the publications can be found on the official web page of Prof. Bojadjiev at 


The role of participatory management in fostering job satisfaction among public administration employees”, M. Stefanovska- Petkovska, M. Bojadziev, V. Velikj- Stefanovska Presented at the MsM 4th Annual Research Conference Global Business, Emerging Markets and Human Rights: Old Concerns or Fresh Hopes?, Maastricht School of Management, Maastricht, the Netherlands


Should I Become an Entrepreneur or an Employee: Dilemmas of Students in Macedonia and Slovenia?”, M. Dimitirova, Assistant Lecturer, J. Vadnjal, Prof. Dr., I. Petrovska, Prof. Dr., M. Bojadjiev, Prof. Dr. Published at the Acta Oeconomica Universitatis Selye, Vedecký recenzovaný časopis, Univerzita J. selyeho - Ekonomická fakulta, Komarno, Slovak Republic


Testing Herzberg’s Duality Theory: Analyzing Job Satisfaction Among State Administration Employees”, M. Stefanovska- Petkovska, PhD, M. Bojadjiev, PhD, V. Velik- Stefanovska, PhDPublished at the Book of Proceedings of the International May Conference on Strategic Management, Technical Faculty, University of Bor, Serbia


Individual differences on job stress and related III health”, M. Stefanovska- Petkovska, PhD, M. Bojadjiev, PhD, V. Velik- Stefanovska, PhD Published at the Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences (MJMS) – online, Skopje, Macedonia


“Creating a Market Oriented Organizational Structure as a Key to Overcoming the Financial Crisis – a Comparative Study”, Ema Kastratovic, Marjan I. Bojadziev, Venera Krliu-Handjiski, presented at the 8th Annual International Conference on European Integration - OUT OF THE CRISIS: EU ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL POLICIES RECONSIDERED, University American College Skopje



Understanding Factors of Innovative Thinking in Advertising Agencies: The Cases of Macedonian, Slovenian and Serbian Advertising Agencies”, Marjan Bojadziev, Ilijana Petrovska, Ana Tomovska-Misoska, presented at the 7th Annual International Conference on European Integration – Europe 2020 – Towards Innovative and Inclusive Union, University American College Skopje


Vox Organizationis – Theoretical Basis and Methodological Considerations in the Development of an Instrument for Organizational Culture”, Marjan Bojadziev, PhD, Ana Tomovska-Misoska, PhD, Miodraga Stefanovska, PhD Zdenka Nikolovska, MPPM; presented at the 14th International Conference on the Development of Values and Competitiveness in the EU, Sofia, Bulgaria


Green Economics: Young Generations to Help Achieve Future Sustainability of Europe”, Makedonka Dimitrova, MPPM, Ilijana Petrovska, PhD, Marjan Bojadziev, PhD; 6th Annual International Conference on European Integration - Constructing Europe as a Global Power: From Market to Identity?, University American College Skopje


Rewarding Structure for Payment and Motivation of Managers in Different Levels”, Kristina Bocevska, PhD Candidate, Marjan Bojadziev, PhD


The Challenges of Marketing Communication Strategy During the Global Economic Crisis in the Financial Industry” Ilijana Petrovska PhD, Marjan Bojadziev, PhD and Nada Sekulovska, PhD; Presented at ECCF – The Challenges to Economic Theory and Policy in the Aftermath of the Global Economic Crisis



Human Resource Management in a supportive role of Sustainable development & Waste management”, PhD Candidate, MBA, Kristina Bocevska, Prof. Dr. Marjan Bojadziev, Rector of the University of American College Skopje; Paper presented at the 5th Symposium on Recycling Technologies and Sustainable Development, Soko Banja, Serbia



Marketing Communication of the banks during crisis”, Bojadziev M. Petrovska I.; Presented at the Assembly of the Macedonian Marketing Association, Ohrid, Macedonia



Work Place as Motivator – Comparative Study of Employees in Business and Public Administration in Macedonia and neighbouring countries”, Bojadziev M., Mojsoska-Blazevski N., Boshnakova D., Stefanovska M., Krliu V., Janakievska J., Saracini V.; Presented at the Fifth Annual Conference “Europe After the Lisbon Treaty”, University American College Skopje (ISBN 987-9989-2673-2-1)



Theoretical Approach for Identifying the Links between the Strategic Human Resource Management and the Value of the Companies”, PhD candidate Kristina Bocevska, Marjan Bojadziev, PhD; Presented at VI May Conference of Strategic Management, University of Belgrade, Technical faculty, Department for management, Belgrade, Serbia



The Human Resource Related Activities and Quality Function Deployment“, PhD Candidate, MBA Kristina Bocevska; Prof. PhD Marjan Bojadziev; Presented at 12th International Conference, “Dependability and Quality Management”, (ICDQM-2009, Belgrade, Serbia)



Corporate Strategies in a Downturn“ M. Bojadziev, PhD, M. Barisin, MBA (PhD applicant); Presented at the International Conference “Current Issues in Management of Business and Society Development” (in original : BIZNESA UN SABIEDRĪBAS ATTĪSTĪBAS VADĪBAS AKTUALITĀTES)



Survey of Decision Making Practices of Macedonian Managers” Bojadziev M., PhD, Barisin M, MBA, Presented at the Third Annual Conference “Globalization of the region: EU perspectives as a challenge “, University American College Skopje



Non for Profit Organizations and Institutions’ Effective Management”, Dr. Bojadziev M., Krliu V.



Organizational Culture as a Driving Force in Modern Organizations”, Bojadziev M., Krliu V; Presented on the Second Annual Conference “Bringing Europe in” University American College Skopje, (ISBN 978-9989-2673-2-1)



"Application of Herzberg Theory in the Emerging Market – The Example of Macedonia” Bojadziev M, Krliu V, Presented at the International Conference "Changes Arising From the EU Member Candidate Status", University American College Skopje (ISBN 978-9989-2673-0-7)



Exploring the Elements of the Marketing Mix and the Possibilities of Implementing the Marketing Central Information File in the Banking Sector” M. Bojadziev; Published at the Research of the Domestic and Foreign Markets, Macedonian Marketing Association, Ohrid, Macedonia



Marketing Strategies in the Banking Sector” M. Bojadziev; Published at the conference Marketing Strategies for Market Presentation, Ohrid, Macedonia



Restraining Factors for the Implementation of the Marketing in the Banking Sector” M. Bojadziev; Presented at the conference Restraining Factors for the Implementation of the Marketing in the Macedonian Industry

Teacher of the Year Award 2012 by the ACBSP (Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs) for Region 8 – Europe.

    • President of the Rectors’ Conference of Private Universities
    • Member of the Academy of Management (AOM)
  • Editor in Chief of the Editorial Committee of the RESITA Network, Romania
  • Member of the Editorial Committee of the RESITA Network, Romania
  • Pro bono mentor for the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development Macedonia (CEED)
  • First Vice-President on the Board of Directors of AmCham
  • Member and Co-founder of the AmCham Association in Macedonia
  • Member of the Charity Committee at UACS
  • Member of the Cabinet of the President of Republic of Macedonia, on the Committee for Development of e-businesses E-Macedonia for all
  • Member of the Managing Board at the Association of Economists of the City of Skopje
  • Organization and participation at the Philip Kotler Seminar in Skopje
  • Accreditation Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) – Accreditation Workshop
  • European Forum for Entrepreneurial Research (EFER); European Entrepreneurship Colloquium  (EEC) – a seminar organized by University of Maastricht, Harvard Business School and Stanford University
  • European Education Colloquium for Participant-Centred Learning – a seminar organized by Harvard Business School


Marjan I. Bojadjiev, PhD
University American College Skopje
st. Treta makedonska brigada #60
1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Phone: +389 2 2463 156
Fax: +389 2 2463 159