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Guide to Skopje
Skopje is the capital of Macedonia that located in the centre of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe. It borders with the neighboring countries such as: Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Greece. The close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea provides the region with mild year-round climate. Temperature ranges from a high of 32°C (90°F) to a low of -3°C (26°F). Average annual temperature for the region is 15oC, providing the region with a moderate continental climate.
Macedonia has a population of 2.06 million people composed of various ethnic groups with the Macedonian language being the first official language and Albanian as a second language. The national currency is the "Macedonian Denar". ATMS for cash are available across the entire city of Skopje. Exchange offices are numerous in the city with exchange rates varying from 61.5denars/1€, 47.5denars/$1, and 75denars/1£.

Getting There
Skopje's main airport is the Alexandre the Great International Airport, which is 20 kilometers from Skopje, which connects most major cities in Europe. The airport is accessed by the main highway E75 Belgrade-Skopje-Thessaloniki which connects it directly with the city of Skopje. Airlines that serve Skopje are once or twice per day: Wizz Air, Croatia Airlines, Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Cirrus, Alitalia, B&H Airlines, Czech Airlines, Edelweiss Air, Fly Dubai, Bell Air Europe, JAT Airways, Air Berlin and Turkish Airlines. Public transport authority of Skopje provides shuttle busses from the airport to the central downtown area, where numerous other busses connect the surrounding areas. Taxi service is cheap and efficient which is the fastest and the cheapest way 0.80€ for every two kilometers. Taxis are available to the city center (travel time 25-30 minutes, for about 800 denars).

The UACS campus is located in the center of the city, and it is fully equipped with classrooms, computer labs with internet access, studying and reading rooms, a library, and a cafeteria. UACS arranges housing for students and helps find apartment accommodation in nearby locations. Monthly apartment rents range from €100 to €250 for a 2-room apartment (45-65 square meters). For the summer semester, UACS may provide housing for double occupancy per night per person with 2 meals €20/day = €600 for 30 days.

City Life
Skope has around 650,000 citizens and plays a vital part in the cultural and academic life of the country. Skopje's exciting nightlife includes many indoor and outdoor caffe bars, as well as nightclubs and after-hour venues. Compared to many other European cities, Skopje is very affordable, making its nightlife and ever-expanding choice of quality restaurants even more accessible. The cost of a full meal in Skopje ranges from €5 to €25. In addition, there are several pizzerias and fast-food options ranging from €1 to €3, such as McDonald's, Burger King, Domino's, Spizzicoto, and Sedmica, as well as many local bakeries and cafes selling pastries such as burek (a traditional pie with meat, cheese, or spinach).

Public Transport
Most of the public transport is provided by JSP, a state-controlled company providing 25 routes in the city. Tickets for JSP buses can be bought for 30 DEN (€0.49) at kiosks or 35 DEN (€0.57) upon boarding. Taxis are another popular public transport option (€0.80 for every two kilometers). 


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