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ESN UACS is the third and newest local section of ESN Macedonia. It was elected as an official section at the 10th National Platform of ESN Macedonia, held on September, 11, 2012 at the UACS premises. Since then, the section members have been participating in the activities organized on national level. The members of ESN UACS organized the First National Party- National Platform After Party, held after the 11th National Platform.

Furthermore, they participated in a humanitarian action initiated by the students at the University American College Skopje, named “From old bags to new products”. The aim of this project was to design custom-made, recycled products by using old plastic bags, in order to collect funds for charity purposes, i.e. for providing food packages to the socially deprived families in Kumanovo and one Daily Center for children in Skopje.

Even though this local section is new, its members are still striving for participation in the ESN Macedonia’s events organized on a local, national and international level, contributing their ideas and motivation into the various projects organized. The members are having their continuous support from their Local Board and are encouraged to develop any new ideas and suggestions regarding the future activities of the section. In addition, the section members are aiming towards recruitment of new members at their home university, particularly focusing on the international students by promoting the activities and benefits of being a member of the ESN UACS section. 


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