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Program Structure


Many instructors have discovered that a highly interactive, question and answer
technique overcomes the problems of the traditional lecture and makes it an effective learning experience. Instead of providing all the information yourself, you should try to elicit as much of it from your students through direct questions, group discussions and mini case studies. The groups meet on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons, as well as
Saturday mornings. Note: Lectures held by visiting professors are scheduled as intensive courses (Monday –Saturday).

The design of the UACS MBA program provides an opportunity for experienced professionals to obtain their master’s degree with a schedule that minimizes the disruption of their work and personal pursuits. The UACS MBA program is structured in two layers. The first layer consists of core courses and is organized into five streams:

I Layer 

Strategy and positioning
(Strategic Management, Advanced Corporate Finance, Strategic Marketing)
Leading change and managing people
(Advanced Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Corporate Governance, Advanced Public Relations, Managerial Economics) 
Measurement and performance systems
(Managerial Accounting, Operations Management, Research Methods for Business)
Systems thinking
(IT Applications for Business)
(International Management and International Marketing)

II Layer

The second layer includes elective or concentration courses. This allows students to either continue with general management studies or to specialize in a particular subject or area. Currently, we offer an MBA with an emphasis on Corporate Finance (including courses such as Financial Markets and Institutions, Portfolio Analysis, Asset and Liabilities Management, Risk Management) and an MBA with an emphasis on Marketing (courses include Promotion and PR, Advertising, Distribution Channels Management, Retailing Management, Consumer Behavior). To meet specific company needs, UACS can customize MBA concentrations towards HR, ICT, Project Management, and other areas. All UACS MBA programs and concentrations are offered in English.
Students in each class begin the program at the same point, move through the curriculum together, and typically complete their studies as a group. During that period, they gain a wide range of new skills and sharpen their analytical abilities by combining coursework with day-to-day professional experience.


MBA is both an academic and professional degree. Hence, students are asked to work on an academic thesis which can include a practical dimension; it is also shorter than an MA/MS thesis.
UACS organizes a Master Thesis Semester which allows the students to work as a group under the supervision of a mentor. This is designed to help them complete their thesis in four months, if they follow the prescribed course load.
Master thesis is a capstone project aimed at:
• Introducing the methods of academic and / or professional research
• Guiding the student to deliver project work within deadlines

By joining this semester students will have an access to:
THREE SESSIONS - on writing the (approximately) five chapters of the thesis - Each session organized in this seminar series will provide a step-by-step guide through the writing of each chapter;
CONFERENCE SESSIONS - Part of the sessions will provide participants with the opportunity to present their work in progress in front of their peers and academic staff from UACS;
GUIDANCE - Apart from regular meetings with the mentor, the student will have regular consultation with the thesis coordinator on the technical details of the thesis;
NETWORKING - Sessions give a chance to form alliances with classmates and UACS academic staff with a similar research interest;
MASTERS DEGREE - This seminar series is organized in a way which enables students to complete their master thesis in four months. All you have to do is respect the assigned deadlines and join in all three sessions of the seminar series.



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