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Great opportunity for all high-school graduates
University American College of Skopje on 19th of March 2016, starting from 13:00PM in the Amphitheater will host all the high-school graduates who are interested in receiving professional training for working with Microsoft Word Application.

The training that has a value of 130 euros, the high-school graduates will get it for free and not only that. They will gain the knowledge of globally recognized exam for Microsoft Word and get a certificate for Microsfot Office Specialist.

The graduates with the highest scores on the exam will have exellent opportunities: 

1. To compete in the national competition for Microsoft Office Specialist in May 2016 in Skopje. The winner will go from 7th of July till 10 of August in Florida, USA and participate at the world competition for Microsoft Office Specialist. All costs are fully covered for the winner.



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