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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  Q. How do i choose a study program? 
 A. Our Student Records Office will assist you in the process of choosing an academic program that is right for you. In case you find it difficult to make up your mind about certain study programs, our professors are always available to explain their curriculum to you in more details. 

 Q. Are courses from other schools in Macedonia and abroad recognized and accepted at UACS?
 A. Yes, UACS accepts transfer credits from other schools and universities. The acceptance of the transfer credit is contingent upon the compatibility of the courses at both universities. When a student transfers from another school or university from abroad, he/she should first contact the Ministry of Education and Science and obtain validation of the courses. Our student coordinators will help you and walk you through the process if you need assistance. 

 Q. I would like to spend a semester abroad; can i do that while studying at UACS?
 A. Yes, UACS has cooperation with universities from USA and Europe. UACS students can take one semester abroad. Most of the schools do accept UACS credits towards graduation and getting a degree. The complete list of Universities can be found on our web page.

 Q. Exept for the tuition, are there any other costs (ex.course registration and so on)?
 A. UACS has a policy of fair pricing. We do not have any hidden costs. Besides the tuition, and depending on the level of the study program, there are several administrative fees that need to be paid upon enrollment. This information is provided to the students when they apply and before they enroll at UACS on part of our Finance Office and our student coordinators. 

 Q. Does UACS organize internships for its students?
 A. UACS is among the first Universities in Macedonia to provide internships for its students through companies in our Business Council. The Business Council is consisted of more than 150 companies, organizations, institutions and NGO-s that support UACS. 

 Q. What if i want to study, but i am currently working?
 A. You can enroll at out part-time program. The program is structured in a way it does not interfere in your professional career. 

 Q. My financial resources are limited. Can i apply for some sort of scholarship at UACS?
 A. UACS offers scholarships for the best students that complete the first and the second year. However, these resources are quite limited. UACS also offers special discounts for students that continue their Graduate Program at the UACS.

 Q. Can i apply for some sort of long term funding for my tuition?
 A. UACS does offer annual payment plan. UACS partners with banks that provide long term loans, even up to 10 years. For more details please contact the Finance office at UACS. 

 Q. I have missed 20% of the classes. Can i take the exams?
 A. Yes, but you cannot earn points for class activity and participation. However, if you miss more than 50% of the classes, you can only take the Make-up Exam.

 Q. If I fail the exam, can I retake it? 
 A. Yes. You can retake it as a Make Up Exam. But if you do not pass for the second time, than you need to register the course again. UACS will invoice additional course intake.

 Q. I'm a foreign student. Do i need to apply for validation of my high school diploma?
 A. Yes. Everyone who enrolls at a university in Macedonia must have validation of the previous education from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia. UACS Team will be glad to submit the documents on your behalf.

 Q. I'm a foreign student. I don't need visa to enter Macedonia. Do i need to obtain some sort of a student visa?
 A. Yes. Please advice the nearest Consular office for more details and informations. Our International Office will be glad to assist you.


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