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Part Time Students
Part Time Students

Our creative mixture of learning possibilities allows students to achieve academic, professional and personal goals. Students can follow lectures throughout the whole year and use advanced technology. UACS tries to customize its offering for the needs of every individual. 
UACS offers structured schedule for part time students. In this manner students are guided throughout the whole study program. UACS offers: 

  • Flexible monthly exam schedule;
  • Direct and on-time communication with professors;
  • Lectures designed especially for part-time students (on weekends and/or in afternoons)
  • Support from the UACS Business Council in providing internship in top companies and institutions;
  • Effective administration;
  • Transfer of credits from accredited schools in Macedonia and abroad;
  • E-library

For further information contact Elena Popovska:  

Do not hesitate to join our part time studies program, designed to meet the needs of working professionals. As of 2012, we have introduced class participation as part of the grading structure. Students will have 3-8 contact hours with their professors held at the most convenient time for the student (usually Friday afternoon or Saturday morning). For further information contact Elena Popovska:  

Grading Structure
Click on the picture to view the grading structure.

*UACS reserves the right not to accept credits that are not compatible with the selected program. 


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