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 Aleksandra Karadza ( Macedonia )

"Enrolling at the University American College Skopje was one of the best desicions I have made in my life. The theoretical knowledge gained during the lectures helped me improve my performance as an intern and get employed after graduation. The friendly administration, academic staff and the international environment helped me in the process of bettering myself and achieving more. The excellent study program, the interaction between the professors and the students and the internationally accredited diploma makes UACS the right choice for your future!"


Mihail Ognenovski ( Macedonia ) 

"Being a UACS student helped me gain a new theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which were extremely helpful when doing my internship in the banking sector. As a Finance student, i must say that the program contained the appropriate univesity level, the professors were always very kind, professional and helpful and the student environment was very pleasant. The academic background gained during my undergraduate studies, has helped me excel in my performance as an intern in some of the biggest Macedonian banks."

Gizem Duruçay (Turkey )

"Studying in Macedonia is really a wonderful experience for me. I was surprised by the warm welcome I received by the administrative and academic staff at UACS. They really helped me with my student visa, accomodation in Skopje, learning and improving the Macedonian language, and answering all my questions about the study program. UACS makes me feel like I'm at home, while also gaining an international experience and earning an internationally recognized degree."

Esen Başak Erdoğan (Turkey )

I am experiencing a new culture and a wonderful study environment in an international setting. I immediately established good communication with the professors who helped me with my studies. I am particularly pleased with the attitude of the staff at the International Student Office and Students Records Office, who warmly welcomed me and answered all the questions I had as a foreign student. They even organized a special evening as a welcome party for all the students from my country, R. Turkey."

Guntun Okajgun ( Turkey )

"I choose UACS because I have the possibility to study in English and to transfer to a University in USA and Europe."

Stefani Jordanovska ( Belgium )

"I decide to study at UACS because of the international accreditations. Here, the approach towards the students is excellent. I like the University because of it's experienced professors, their expertise, and their availability towards students. I strongly believe that by studying here, I will strengthen my skills and capabilities. I feel lucky to study here at UACS".

Aleksandra Lenovski ( USA )

"I came to study at the University American College Skopje because i knew that i will grow as a person, not just as a student by studying."

Martin Najdov ( Republic of South Africa )

"UACS had given me a phenomenal opportunity to learn and taught me how to start my professional career. I enjoy studying and learning new things, and i recommend UACS to all future students!"

Carlos Castell ( Spain )

"As an exchange student, I choose UACS because it offers internationally accredited and recognized diploma."

Ulsha Wenugopal ( India )

"Wonderful experience. I am glad i had this opportunity. UACS is great because it has friendly environment, great professors and diversity in students!"



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