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Why Choose UACS?
Univesity American College of Skopje will always equip you with real-world knowledge and experience and we are different, for you because we offer more and we stay with you for life. 
  • UACS treats every student as a family member. This is why we believe that our students are people, not just numbers
  • 78% of UACS students have been employed after their graduation
  • UACS MBA program is ranked among TOP 5 IN EASTERN EUROPE
  • UACS has close ties and co-operates regularly with seven universities which are ranked in the Top 500 Universities worldwide, such as:
  1. Technical University in Vienna, Austria
  2. Dauphine University, France
  3. University of Maastricht, Netherland
  4. University of Belgrade, Serbia
  5. Gazi University Ankara, Turkey
  6. Worms University Germany
  7. Eotovos Lorand University, Hungary
  • UACS Students can continue their education and earn their degree from highly ranked universities such as:
  1. Virginia International University, USA
  2. Tallahassee International College, USA
  3. John Cabot University, Italy
  4. Vesalius College, Belgium
  5. Technical University of Vienna, Austria
  6. GEA College - School of Entrepreneurship, Slovenia
  7. Worms University of Applied Science, Germany
  8. Gazi University Ankara, Republic of Turkey
  • UACS is supported by the Business Council which consists of more than 150 companies, organizations and institutions - which provides guest lectures and internships for students.


Arne Gjorgov:

My experience at UACS, in the School of Business Economics and Management, was highly rewarding because it prepared me to enter into a very competitive Master’s Program at the University of Staffordshire in England on a scholarship by the OCI London Foundation. I urge everyone to apply and experience the thrill of academic excellence at UACS. As an alumnus of the university, I will always be a part of the UACS family.

Emir Berisa:

UACS proved to be the best choice for my future educational and professional development. The education I received in the undergraduate program, as well as the graduate program, has enabled me to further my professional advancement. I would warmly recommend all young people that wish to pursue their ambitions to enroll at UACS where their expectations will be met and exceeded. 

Nick Naumoff (USA):

My experience at UACS is one that will always be remembered. Not only were the courses fun, interesting and challenging with outstanding teachers and professors, but the university is also very well recognized and accredited globally. UACS gave me the tools needed to succeed in the real world using practical examples and real-life case studies.


Doctor Honoris Causa



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