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Standard Consulting Programs
Vox Organizationis – Voice of the Organizations - Organizational Alignment- The success of every company is directly dependent on the company’s organizational alignment. In order to ensure progress there are several elements that need to correlate: the leadership of the company, the culture of the company, the structure and the strategy of the company. The tool for Organizational Alignment enables the companies to discover the fundamental principles on which the culture of their company is based and to form a strategy how to develop in the future. The overall instrument and procedure enables deeper understanding into the alignment of the organizations and can serve as basis for organizational development and enhancing organizational performance.
Performance Management - Performance management (PM) is the process of creating a work environment or setting in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. The aim of the 3600 evaluation is to help each member of the company develop and progress. It's an evaluation method that incorporates feedback from the worker, his/her peers, superiors, subordinates, and customers.

Organizational Culture Surveys - Exploring and uncovering the organizational culture enables the companies to discover the fundamental principles on which the employee behavior in their company is based. This can help to introduce various strategies for shaping the organizational culture to be conducive to development and productivity.

Job Satisfaction Instrument - Using the Job Satisfaction Instrument, companies get a clear insight of their employees’ behavior and thus contribute to changes in terms of job placement, re-organization, job enlargement, motivation and other factors that can alter employees’ behavior towards their job. Ultimately, job satisfaction is one of the most important links that lead a company to greater performance by helping the organization to manage their own human capital in a desired manner.

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