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Graduation Ceremony 2008
On June 11th 2008, at the Monastery St. Pantheleimon in Skopje, the first UACS graduation ceremony was organized. The University American College Skopje was proud to honor the first graduates and MBA’s. 
The ceremony was opened by the Provost, Marjan Bojadziev, PhD, who addressed the Graduates, Guests and Excellencies. He pointed out how happy he was due to so many young people prepared for the future, prepared to contribute to our society and to our country. He also announced he was proud to have a university like UACS, which contributes in making Skopje one of the European Capitals, one of the modern International cities that align with the vision of UACS staff and students - being CITIZENS OF THE WORLD. 
At the end he concluded: “Finally, I’d like to point out the importance of never losing sight of the allegiance due to your native land, ever remembering that nature has implanted in your breast a sacred and enduring attachment towards your home land.”
The ceremony proceeded with a speech delivered by Zlat Milovanovic, PhD, the Vice-Rector of the University for International Development, who announced the MBA’s, i.e. Masters in Business Administration, and handed them their diplomas. He brought out the idea about the purpose of education, which means teaching people how to serve their community.  Also, he told students how to study on their own, to continue their studies past graduations of all kinds and all with perseverance because, as it is said, PERSEVERENTIA VINCIT (perseverance wins).

zlat1_graduation__506054579.jpg Zlat2_sonja__269760628.jpg Zlat2_jasmina__843599771.jpg Zlat2_venera__342073148.jpg Zlat2_ivo__815539387.jpg

After greeting the guests present and delivering diplomas to the MBA graduates, Dr. Milovanovic introduced Mr. Hari Lokvenec, MBA, and a student that was the first Schiller exchange student in the graduate program and graduated with distinction. Hari started his speech with the famous quotation from the mayor of old Athens – Prickle: “The overall wealth of the world is the combined intellect; the wealth is in the city – that is America”, thus pointing out that the cooperation that have been developed with Schiller International University for student programs in USA with branches 
in European countries is a good base for credit transfer system further development, enables greater mobility and student exchange in USA and Europe. The concept that he also perceived while studying in USA – civil liberties perseverance toward the sciences is a permanent struggle for the essence instead for the form - is incorporated in all the challenges that take part in the American College development plans.

Undergraduate students were given the degrees by their Deans respectively:


 Dragoljub_speechgraduation__997015165.jpg Aneta_speechgraduation__499028522.jpg


Dr Dragoljub Arsovski (top)                     Dr Aneta Jovevska

Ms. Viktorija Eremeeva

Her Excellency Gillian Milovanovic, the US Ambassador to Macedonia, congratulated the graduating students with a short graduation speech.


Before finishing the ceremony, Marjan Stepanovski, award “cum laude”, was presented as the student who achieved the highest academic achievement for the graduation class of 2008. He was commended by the faculty and administration for his academic achievement and his devotion, assistance and contribution to numerous events. Also, Jasmina Golubovska and Boro Mirchevski were awarded for outstanding achievement for being part of the student council. Though their considerate effort, many of the charity events had been achieved. They were there for the children as well as the recipients of the aid.  All of it was finished with a cocktail which circled the event as it was supposed to be – in American way, with American style as it is likely to be since it was all organized by the American College.




Doctor Honoris Causa



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