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Professor Honoris Causa

Prof. Jeremy Cripps PhD, an acclaimed expert in the field of finance and a renowned international professor was awarded with the title Professor Honoris Causa at UACS.
On May 14th 2014, the University Senate and Rector’s Board of UACS convened upon the occasion of declaring Prof. Jeremy Cripps an honorary professor at UACS.
UACS is proud to award such a title to not only an eminent academic, but also an experienced professional with broad international experience.
Throughout his extensive international academic career, Prof. Jeremy Cripps, has taught at Universities from countries across the globe, such as the UK, the USA, Kuwait, and many more.
Apart from his academic achievements, Prof Cripps holds a number of professional qualifications in the field of business and finance (CPA, FCA, FCMI to name a few) and has been part of the executive management at leading companies from around the world.
In recognition of his many accomplishments, especially in the field of education, Prof. Cripps has been elected as the President of ACBSP Region 8 for the year 2014.
Therefore, given the outstanding contribution to the development of scientific thought and education, UACS is honored to have Prof. Cripps as a honorary professor at the School of Business Economics and Management, where he teaches courses at the MBA program.


Doctor Honoris Causa



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