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Doctor Honoris Causa

Paul Noritaka Tange, son of famous architect Kenzo Tange – founder of modern Skopje architecture, Doctor Honoris Causa at UACS.

The School of Architecture and Design and the Japanese Embassy with the assistance of the Architect Argjent Karai, organized a Multimedia Event in Skopje named “Kenzo Tange and Skopje. The scope of this Event was to honour the Japanese Architect Kenzo Tange (1913-2005) as one of the most significant Architect of the 20th Century worldwide. 

Kenzo Tange in the 1966 with a group of Japanese Architects designed the Master Plan for rebuilding Skopje after the devastating earthquake of 1963. His urban design and concept of the City Centre has tagged Skopje in the world map of cities conceived in the spirit of the architectural movement of “Metabolism”, a movement that was established during the early ‘60ies by Kenzo Tange. 

Mr. Paul Noritaka Tange, the son of Kenzo Tange, who as well is internationally well-known Architect and the head of Tange Associates since 1985, visited Skopje from the 1st of May 2012 till the 4th of May 2012. 
Mr. Tange gave a lecture about the life, work and legacy of his father, the Architect Kenzo Tange. 
Also, in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, an Exhibition entitled “Kenzo Tange & Skopje” was opened, with images of the most eminent Projects of Kenzo Tange and the Project of Skopje designed by Kenzo Tange in 1966. The exhibition was opened for public during the period from 2nd of May 2012 to 20th of May 2012.

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Doctor Honoris Causa



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