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UACS Foundation
The UACS Foundation was established in 2010. It performs a non-profit activity and is committed to improving and promoting opportunities and quality of the higher education in Macedonia. The Foundation has a mission by which is being determined and will realize the strategic and long-term goals.
The mission of the foundation
Starting from the belief that every individual has the potential and values that deserve to be developed and enriched through education and keeping in mind that the progress of society depends on the contribution and active and creative participation of all its members, the Foundation will strive to enhance the availability and quality of the higher education as a vital basis for sustainable development of the society and its integration into modern European and world processes.
The Foundation has three main target groups:
The first target group is the business community, government bodies and institutions, civil society and individuals for mobilization of financial and material resources to achieve the objectives of the Foundation.
The second target group is young people who have the desire and potential to continue their education at UACS and other universities in the country and abroad, based on the principle of equality and equal opportunities for all. The Foundation will seek to attract students from among the marginalized groups, especially the talented students who have less favorable financial and social position.
The third target group are candidates for master's and doctoral studies, whom to can be assigned different types of financial assistance and support for training and research abroad.
The foundation has a managing board which consists of nine people out of which becomes the president of the managing board, supervisory board and an executive officer.
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